Allysen v. Amazing Allysen Doll

The Amazing Allysen Doll is the worst toy ever, as it turns out. So I now have to sue the Amazing Allysen Doll Toy Co. for attaching my awesome name to something so incredibly crummy.

The Supreme Court of Virginia



Defendant and Respondent.

Washington, D.C.
Court No. 2

Civil Court


1. The AMAZING ALLYSEN DOLL CO. stole, without consent the aforementioned plaintiffs name, and gave it to a crappy doll.
2. The AMAZING ALLYSEN DOLL CO. has not paid said plaintiff a dime in royalties for the use of plaintiffs name for said crappy doll.
3. The AMAZING ALLYSEN DOLL sucks, it’s the worst doll ever in the history of dolls, just read the reviews. It embarrasses the plaintiff to have to share the same name with said sucky doll and causes emotional distress to said plaintiff knowing that this crappy doll is out there disappointing little girls everywhere with it’s suckiness.


1. PLAINTIFF seeking damages to be awarded in the amount of $1,000,000,000,000,000,000 for unpaid royalties, emotional duress, mental trauma, medical reimbursement for facials and all other spa treatments necessary to restore plaintiffs wellbeing.


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