Obama Charity Case

Sidwell Friends, school to President’s daughters, had their annual fund raising auction this year. Many eagerly anticipated what the Obama’s might be auctioning, remembering full well the generosity of the Clinton’s

in times past. A round of golf with Bill brought in nearly six figures. A night in the Lincoln Bedroom, nearly $500,000 dollars. The Clinton’s are fondly remembered as very generous and giving of themselves for money. So one can understand the complete and utter disappointment when all the Obama’s ponied up were a signed Rolling Stone and Vogue Magazine. Stagering to think what that must have set them back. One attendee who wished to remain anonymous because her husband is Rahm Emmanuel, said she was expecting a more personal gift, like Hillary’s hairclip that went for $8000. What the Obama’s lacked however, one royal guest more than made up for. The Queen of England’s IPod fetched a handsome $30,000.


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