Politically Correct Pirate Names

In keeping with last months policy to change the Bushian phrase, Global War On Terror, which makes people feel icky and hateful towards the misunderstood and disenfranchised terrorists, to Overseas Contingency Operation, which makes people feel nothing, the Obama administration will probably change the fear mongering term “pirates” into something more fluffy and MSNBCish. Here’s the list thus far:

1. Unorthodox Barterers
2. Somali Navy
3. Victims
4. Santa’s Little Helpers
5. Somali Delegation of Merchant Vessel Acquisitions Experts
6. Vocationally Challenged Undocumented Sea Re-allocators
7. Used-Ship Salesmen
8. Allah and the Midnight Visitors
9. Unfriendly Surprise Guests
10. Sneaky Sailors


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