Presidential Diaries……

Excerpt from Lincoln’s Diary………

November Seventeen, Year of Our Lord Eighteen Hundred Sixty Three,


I need to devise a stately and memorable title for my Gettysburg address.  I have so very few hours left with which to craft my words, where does one begin but at the beginning I suppose.

The Gettysburg’s Talking To

The Pennsylvania Proposal at Gettysburg

The Proposing of Equality at Gettysburg Pennsylvania

Gettysburg Shakedown

Mayhaps I should just begin to write the speech and the title will transpire…

Hundreds of months ago our fathers

Thirty-one thousand seven hundred and fifty-five days ago our fathers

A long long long long time ago our fathers

A while ago

My mind confounds me…… how to begin such an endeavor…?  Ah my faithful kitten Loghouse has come to comfort me in my despair…


2 thoughts on “Presidential Diaries……

  1. Loghouse! Remove your claws from the settee. MAAARY. Your cat has scored the settee. The little monster has planted all four sets of claws and scored the settee I bought you, what…seven years ago. hmmmmmm

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