Presidential Diaries

Large swaths of history have been recounted in Presidential memoirs.  From the most humble of diaries to the formidable imposing leather bound journal, these national treasures have kept safe the intimate thoughts of our Commander in Chief throughout history.  So it is with great veneration we read a few excerpts from the Presidential Diaries……

Excerpt from the pages of  our 13th President,  Millard Fillmore.
October 4, 1863

Dear Diary,

Oh how he vexes me my faithful diary, companion to my weary, soft to the touch, full of paper.  A more treacherous act of theivery have I never heard claimethed.  President “Ninny” Lincoln, a most unremarkable man as history will attest to be sure,  has henceforth heretofore declared the last Thursday of November next, a day of, getteth this, Thanksgiving. All of the country has lauded his declaration and praised him forevereth and foreverth.  Hornswoggler!  He stole my inspired idea and gaveth me no glory for this notion that was clearly mine.  For as you will recall dear friend, as President it was I who made proclamation of Nice Day, a day whereby all citizens will be nice from the moment of the first ray of sunrise until very end of the midmorn, or just after breakfast if one  is in haste.   It was to be celebrated on the third Wednesday of September,  every other year ifeth that year end in an even number.  I knoweth, the two declarations are so closeth in nature it is clear he has tried to honeth in on my racket!  Jerketh.

Yours faithfully,



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