Rabbit Trail……

I have a big wooded back yard and so I also have a lot of woodland creatures that like to call it home.  There are quite a few song birds and squirrels and an occasional fox or errant deer.  It’s all very nice and Disneyesque.  Long story short, I’ve got doves.  Not just a couple, that’s sweet, but like twelve.  They come in pairs, so it’s always twice as many as you thought you wanted.  I’m watching the dove invasion one morning, with my coffee, and it occurs to me that more than two doves is really just a bunch of pigeons.  This is no good.  There weren’t pigeons in Snow White.  Cinderella’s dress wasn’t sewn together by pigeons.  Pigeons are fine if you absolutely positively must get a message to someone at some undetermined time in the future, but they are no good for creating a wooded fairytale land ambiance in your backyard.


2 thoughts on “Rabbit Trail……

  1. So,

    Now we’re dis’n pigeons. I’m thinking, what’s next, crows? Sure, they’re easy; kind of disgusting, scavengers, eating dead things, and all.

    Don’t forget, “Where two or more are gathered….”

  2. I can’t believe you invoke the Word of God to defend crows. You just better hope you don’t float when the towns people come to judge you for being a witch. Remember, they judge you against a duck….. according to Monty Python.

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