N. Korea Levels Crushing Threat to Its Foes (and by Foes I mean the U.S.)

North Korea, upon hearing that a bunch of countries don’t like the idea of them having nuclear weapons, issued one its most defiant and aggressive threats to date.  Kim Jong Il’s government run newspaper released this statement in response to a gathering of 35 nations all talking behind his back about what they’re gonna do with him,  “If the U.S. and its followers infringe upon our republic’s sovereignty even a bit, our military and people will launch a 100- or 1,000-fold retaliation with merciless military strike.” Wow!  What does that even look like, a THOUSAND fold retaliation?  As it turns out it’s not as bad as you would think.  Here are some photos North Korea’s idea of a ” thousand fold retaliation”….



And my personal favorite…


The Unicorn.

I’m not really that surprised.  You gotta remember, the Asians are very literal people.  From now on I think we should probably ask in advance, before we call a 35 nation meeting, what exactly do you mean when you say “thousand fold?”

Not sure how they are going to exact revenge with these things.  Sources speculate that they are probably going to light them on fire and lob them at our Naval vessels as they pass, or, even more devious than that, they will fold them offensively, right over left, a terrible omen because it means someone in your family is dead,  or will die, or knows someone who died, no one is really clear on that last part, but it’s really really bad.  Whatever they do with them, one thing is certain, we did not see paper rickshaws coming.


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