Support Israel, Earn Bonus Points

Visa is sponsoring an Israeli credit card that allows you to support a variety of Israel’s charities as well as earn points.  I had no idea you could support an entire country with a Visa card.  That’s brilliant.  And bonus points as well, even better!! I’m wondering, and it’s just a thought, could the movement to make Pluto a planet again use a Visa Campaign as well?  How great would that be?!  Pluto would regain it’s rightful place in every little kids styrofoam wire hanger mobile galaxy, and you can cash in points for some more crunk!  (It’s a new term I’m trying to coin, Crap+junk=crunk, think about it, it’s catchy)  But more importantly Pluto will be a planet again, making all right with the Universe, that once again has a planet named Pluto in it….


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