Congress Passes A Pile of Poo….

Congress recently voted to pass a pile of s–t, (that’s the new name of the bill given by Ohio Representitive John Boehner), by 219-212.  The pile of s–t bill use to go by the name of the Waxman-something something bill and is suppose to help prevent global warming or something crazy like that, which is ironic because as we all know, poo is a primary cause of global warming.  But only man-made poo.  The pile contains over 1200 pages of s–t, Boehner’s words not mine, and has all kinds of silly things in it like, grants to find alternative fairy fuels and and endowments for research on how to harness the power of unicorn magic.  So the democrats are anti-warm weather, but they have no objection to trapping, caging, and exorcising the magic out of unicorns to heat their precious biodegradable mansions!  I’m being silly, but the actual bill is far worse than torturing Unicorns for their magic.  I know, you’re thinking, what could be worse than that?!  This pile of s–t.


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