Jersey Guy Pleads Guilty to 15 DUI’s

Some guy in N.J. whose license has been suspended 78 times and has pleaded guilty to 15 drunk driving offenses.  This guy is simultaneously the luckiest guy and the biggest ass walking the planet.  Lucky because he’s never killed anyone and an ass because what kind of jackass drives under the influence ALL the time?  But never fear the state of New Jersey has implemented a terrifically steep sentence if found guilty….. wait for it……….. wait for it……..


Prosecutors are seeking a maximum prison term of nearly three years at Campbell’s sentencing in August. He will lose his license for at least 10 more years.

WOW!!! The shock of it all. This poor man will be 43 when he gets out and won’t have a drivers license for ten years! How is he supposed to drive to work and then the bar?  How will he go to the grocery store and then the bar?  How is going to visit his grandmother at the bar?  His life is over.. ruined… he may never be able to drive to a bar for a while at least until one of his idiot friends loans him a truck. And that could take days, maybe even a week.


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