Mississippi Slight Lead Over Alabama… for Fattest State

Mississippi, what an accomplishment… or is it?  Let’s play this out in the court of public opinion.

Scenario #1

“Where are you from?”

“I’m from (insert any other state in the Union here).”

“Cool isn’t that where (insert any major accomplishment not involving the basic act of putting food in your mouth)?

“Yes, my state is awesome for all of it’s amazing awesomeness!”

“That’s great!  I want to hear more about all the super neato things that come from your state.  Let me get a beer and a coozy so I don’t have to leave this fascinating  conversation.”

Scenario #2

“Where are you from?”

“I’m from Mississippi.”

“The fat state?”


“Hmmmmmm….. so…..  yeah……. good food is it?”

See that’s not the kind of thing you want people remembering about your state.  But Mississippi may be out of the woods here shortly because Alabama is fast becoming an even more obese state.  Not that this is a competition, but still, small victories where you can find ’em.  Here are some interesting facts the CDC put out about fatness with added commentary by me:

Mississippi had the highest rate of adult obesity, 32.5 percent, for the fifth year in a row. Is there a plaque somewhere with this accomplishment on it?  A trophy case maybe…?

_Three additional states now have adult obesity rates above 30 percent, including Alabama, 31.2 percent; West Virginia, 31.1 percent; and Tennessee, 30.2 percent.  Hey West Virginia, share some of that food with the rest of your state that’s starving up there in the mountains.  Seriously people.  Have a heart.

_Colorado had the lowest rate of obese adults, at 18.9 percent, followed by Massachusetts, 21.2 percent; and Connecticut, 21.3 percent.

_Mississippi also had the highest rate of overweight and obese children, at 44.4 percent. It’s followed by Arkansas, 37.5 percent; and Georgia, 37.3 percent.  I’m stunned at Mississippi’s childhood obesity percentage, that’s just appalling.

_Following Alabama, Michigan ranks No. 2 with the most obese 55- to 64-year-olds, 36 percent. Colorado has the lowest rate, 21.8 percent.

Moral of the story, move to Colorado and get skinny.


3 thoughts on “Mississippi Slight Lead Over Alabama… for Fattest State

  1. You could look at the racial demographics as well, in which case you are most certainly accusing minorities in this country of being big fatty fat fats. Nice going racist!

  2. This is the sort of thing that saddens me about our current political climate. It should be possible to have an adult conversation on the disgusting fatness of American conservatives, and not be met with over the top ad hominem attacks and the throwing out of the race card. I clearly occupy the moral high ground in this debate.

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