The World As I See It………..

The small town of Gaffney S.C. is once again being terrorized by a serial killer. That’s right, they had the Gaffney Strangler forty years ago and now they’ve got a guy with a gun killing people. Apart from the brutality of the crimes themselves, five people have died so far, is the shock that this could happen in such a small rural community. But apparently not because this is the second time in forty years someone had gone on a killing spree. There’s always that one townsperson who says, “This kind of thing doesn’t happen here, we’re a small town, everybody knows everyone, we all get along….” WRONG. This is exactly the kind of thing that happens here. Obviously, if this is the second time around for a crazy in Gaffney. My point is solid. Let’s review the evidence shall we:

Teb Bundy: Killed in rural communities in Oregon and Florida.
Zodiac Killer: Small northern California communities.
John Wayne Gacy aka Killer Clown: Small town in Iowa and prominent member of the local Democratic party, just an interesting side note.
Green River Killer: Small town in Washington.

And don’t bother bringing up that Son of Sam guy who terrorized New York city for ten years, because I would argue he wasn’t the only one terrorizing New York at that time. There were plenty of things to be afraid of New York in the late sixties. So, the moral of the story is this, if you want to avoid getting killed by a stark raving lunatic your best bet is to live in a heavily populated area with a lot of street lights, traffic and dogs. Lots of big dogs. Oh and guns. People packing concealed weapons are a huge deterrent for psychotics. Psychos may be crazy but they don’t want to be dead, they want to make other people dead, and guns make you dead, so they tend to avoid being at the business end of one.


2 thoughts on “The World As I See It………..

  1. I think the Boston Strangler operated out of a major city. Can’t remember which one, but it is on the tip of my tongue. I am sure it will come to me.

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