Global Warming is the New Hitler

Bush II, the former holder of the Hitler title, has been unceremoniously dethroned by Global Warming, and he has Al Gore to thank for it ironically.  Although  Gore  still maintains the right to reference Bush as Hitler as needed, like when people start openly questioning global warming, Gore might want to accuse the Hitlerian Bush administration for confusing the masses with falsehoods and shenanigans.  That kind of thing.

Supporters of Gore’s global warming stuff say that comparing the failure on the part of politicians to take seriously greenhouse gases to the failure of politicians seventy years ago to take seriously the warnings of Churchill regarding the military build of Germany is an absolutely sound comparison.

I could not agree more.  The average individuals  imperceptible detection of any climate change whatsoever is absolutely just like the Nazi wholesale slaughter of six million Jews, Christians,  political dissenters, artists, and anyone else they didn’t like.  I’m sure survivors of the Holocaust and us survivors of global warming have a lot in common.


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