Men Dressed As Women’s Lib

The women’s liberation movement started a long time ago, some argue with the Suffragettes, some argue with Eve, the time frame is not as relevant as the subsequent outcome of the movement; voting rights and the incremental emasculation of millions of men through a constant deluge of anti-male press and corporate sensitivity training.  The feminist movement of the 70’s should be elated with their success.  They have managed to convince most of America that they too can be just as male as men.  By joining the military, running companies, driving trucks, working on oil rigs, playing golf, etc.  All of these womanly accomplishments have gone a really long way in proving female mettle in the terrifying arena of Manworld.  Modern feminists have spent their souls convincing the world they can do anything a man can do, and better.

Women are forever challenging this notion of “male-only” and bullying their way into all male events and clubs, effectively ruining it for everyone else.  The reason they have all male events is because they don’t want women mucking it up.  Women wreck men fun.

But men are getting back, in a really interesting and disturbing way.  Welcome to the annual Miss International Pagent.   A pageant for transvestites and transgendered.  The purpose of which, according to the website is:

” advance and support today’s transvestites / transgender, Miss International Queen™ Pageant offers great opportunities for transvestites/transgender from all over the world to present their individual beauty and intelligence in a friendly atmosphere.”

Isn’t that wonderful.  Men have their own girly pagent, and they’re kicking our butts in the process.  How is that you say?  They’re really hot.  See:


Yep, that’s a dude.

Compared with this:


Which is also a dude.

How is this not proof that men do everything better than we do?  When they can put on a pagent dress and look better as a woman than most women could ever hope to look with a lifetime of plastic surgery.  Boggles the mind.


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