The World As I See It…..

Dorset was all ready to host Roar on the Shore, 110,000 fireworks set off from a barge all in under 60 seconds.  There were 175,000 eager men, women, children,  and creepy pyromaniacs lining the shore to see the most majestic display of spectacular sparkle the world has ever known!  Now imagine, what could be better than 110,000 fireworks all going off in under 60 seconds?  If they all went off AT ONCE! That would be totally awesome!! Like one big giant planet size sparkler!! YEAH!! Which is exactly what happened, only the news papers didn’t call it, “The Worlds Largest Sparkler Goes Off In Dorset Delighting Millions Around the World,”  no.  They called it Firework Fail.  But I say no, it’s Firework Fantastic!  And, to add to the fun, the barge caught fire!  How cool is that?  I’m not sure if anyone got injured.  I didn’t actually read the article.  But you can.  Here.  Also I’ve added a video.  Enjoy.


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