Apiarists, Finally A Chance to Be Really Useful

Beekeepers, that’s what that word means.  I came across this article and the title made me laugh, Tourists warned as Asian hornets terrorise French. Public disclaimer here, I don’t know if anyone has been killed yet by the Asian Terrorist hornet,  I did not read the article, I repeat, I am just riding the humor train coat tails here and haven’t bothered to check fact one.  But the  title got me thinking, and I’ve got to add, this hornet is HUGE. Check it out.


I know.

Anyhow, it got thinking, isn’t this great? Because now Apiarists can really shine and do something heroic for mankind.  They can go to France, as if by a higher calling, and save the French from this huge mother of a hornet.  They are, after all, an undervalued, if not completely ignored and totally unknown group of people that no one thinks about ever.  But not anymore.  Now they have a real purpose.  I did read the part in the article that said the European hornet is no match for the Asian Man-eating Hornet Terrorist. (No shock there).  So really, the only hope for France is the magic and conjuring of those white frocked, mesh faced vespa (genus name for hornets, not the Italian moped) lovers.  Every sting of pain endured, every dumb bee  joke leveled at them, every tear shed at the loss of first place in the county fair honey making contest,  every holiday with a drunk mother crying, “we put you through college for this,”  and, “no one will ever marry you, you’re fat, ugly, and you keep bees,” you suffered through for low these many years have all been for this one shining moment of heroicismness.

I see this as a the turning point for this profession.  The meat packing industry had that guy that wrote The Jungle,  and Apiarist have the Asian hornet that terrorized France.  Unfortunately  for the French though,  they’ve gone from being rescued by the Allies because they couldn’t protect their own country from Germans, to being rescued by Beekeepers because they couldn’t protect their own country from Hornets.  This cannot bode well for them as a nation.


4 thoughts on “Apiarists, Finally A Chance to Be Really Useful

  1. Two articles not read? First the Firework Fantasmigorical! Then the Hornet that carries off small french children. Tsk tsk. Sloppy blogging, very sloppy. And what’s with the inability to upload my own avatar?


    Kitty caught a hornet,
    Put it in a cage,
    Fed it burs and buttermilk,
    Got it in a rage;

    Gave it lots of lettuce leaves,
    Ice and smelling salts.
    Whistled it a lively tune
    And it began to waltz ;

    Gave it batting for a bed.
    Snug and warm and deep,
    Fanned it with a feather
    And it went off to sleep.

    Leroy F. Jackson

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