Why Bird Poo……?

This product has inspired, nay, forced me to start a new blog posting called  “Why?”  I lived in Tokyo for three years and witnessed a lot of cool stuff some interesting stuff and a few flat out bizarre things..  but I did not once, no not ever, come across this  innocently packaged little item…


… at least as far as I know I never put bird poo on my face as a part of my daily skin care regiment.  Known to the Japanese as, Uguisu No Fun, or Nightingale poop to the layman.  But before you just dismiss it as just another crazy Japanese marketing ploy to package yet another form of excrement to the general public, see  here, it’s been seen on Oprah, which is to my understanding the gold standard for all things good and decent in the beauty and fashion.  And I guess Kabuki and Geisha have been using this kind of bird poo on their faces for centuries. That should make us feel at little better about smearing poo on our faces.

Now to the question at hand, WHY?  Why would someone first of all look at a Nightingale turd and think, I’ll bet that’s super moisturizing?  I for one have never looked at any poo and thought that.  Secondly, it’s one thing to think something’s a good idea, it’s quite another to actually follow through with it.  To actually physically touch poo, then lift poo towards ones face, then smear in a circular motion said poo all over.  This has to be some amazing grumpy to convince a whole lot of people to put it on their faces.  Again I have to go back to Why?  What benefit do I get from bird poop that I’m not getting from Oil of Olay?  Anyone?


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