Earth to Celebrities, Please Stop Singing

Amid almost a decade of global warming apocalyptic “we’re all gonna die when Al Gore says we are” pressure from every conceivable environmental group that stands to benefit from over reaching governmental regulations, celebrities have stepped in and saved the day, and the world, as it were.  That’s right, celebrities are now going to put unbearable pressure on world leaders to enact climate change policy now, with a song.  A really good song.  Bed Are Burning by Midnight Oil.

Here’s the video of how cool the original song is..

I contend, that if on the off chance,  the leaders of the world are miraculously moved to sweeping climate change reforms it’ll be because Beds Are Burning is a freakin’ awesome song, and  not because a bunch of celebrities got together to wreck it.  Also, if the globe does somehow mysteriously stop warming, it will be because the earth hates celebrity causes and wants them to stop ruining wicked good music and not because of silly climate change legislation.


One thought on “Earth to Celebrities, Please Stop Singing

  1. This is so, now. Nothing yesterday about it. Have you ever asked yourself, “what can today’s youth amount to if they sleep through eighth grade science?” They can come up with song lyrics like “how can you dance when the earth is turning.” You see they can’t figure out how people can dance and still stay on the earth without flying off. I’m thinking gravity. But, my bed’s not burning. By the way, the average global temperature has been persistently going down for the last twenty years.

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