The Tale of Two Sorry’s

This is a little story I like to tell my kids.  It’s about Bert and Bart Sorry.  Bert and Bart were two very normal brothers.  They played together, had meals together, built forts together, enjoyed sledding in the wintertime together, and on occasion had tremendous fights together.  Bert liked Bart’s company and Bart liked Bert’s.  But when they didn’t it was sometimes very ugly.  They would say very mean things, and even hit.   Bert would always say sorry first, and he would mean it.  He would even ask Bart to forgive him.  Bart would always say yes and he would mean it.  But, when Bart said sorry, if he said sorry, it was always followed by a but.  “I’m sorry I hit you Bert, but you started it.” Or, “I’m sorry I called you stupid, but you shouldn’t have dropped the ball.”  See, Bart never learned that sorry wasn’t an excuse.  Bert always forgave him anyway and they stilled played together and had fun together.  The moral of the story is this, know when you need to say sorry, say you’re sorry, and don’t be a But Head.

I’ve been informed this isn’t my usual funny post, that’s because sorry isn’t funny.  And if it is, you did it wrong.


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