Obama’s Nobel Prize Not A Mystery…..

Context.  The Nobel Peace Prize committees wisdom to award Obama with the prize for “giving the world hope for a better future,” may have at first seemed like a stunningly stupid decision.  But this must all be taken in context.  By that I mean, in the context of whom  Obama was competing against, this was  the only true and logical outcome.  And the nominees are:

Emanuel El Munez:  Columbian drug lord who started an orphanage with money stolen from a wealthy land owner he killed over a property dispute.

Slavaka Klopek:  A Georgian madam who founded the Klopek Academia for Girls.  An  institute dedicated to the education of young girls so that they may be more profitable mail order brides.

Mumia Abu-Jamal:  who was actually a very close second but the committee didn’t want to give the impression that Hollywood was calling the shots.

Pierre Lauriet:  Insane  french man who tried to tie a string around the world.

Samuel Derekson:  Iowa native who moved to Somalia and has worked tirelessly to bring about peace in the region through his love of Chess and Macaroni hot dish.

Superman.  That one I actually support.

Ngyen Ngyompiang:  Reformed vietcong who taught the lepers to sing. (h/t Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid).


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