Pelosi Poll Lost in Translation

Nancy Pelosi’s job approval rating in California has dropped 14 points since March according to a new poll conducted by some polling group.  Here, link.  Anyhow, the numbers show that 44 percent of respondents when asked, “Do you approve or disapprove of Pelosi’s performance in Congress,” said they disapproved of her performance, while 22 didn’t have an opinion either way.  Pelosi’s office has issued a statement firmly refuting the claims of the study and has countered it with their own findings.  Which they claim are a more accurate benchmark for Pelosi’s performance rating.   Here are the results of Pelosi’s study:

When respondents were asked, “Usted aprueba o desaprueba Nancy Pelosi funcionamiento de s en congreso?” (Do you approve or disapprove of Nancy Pelosi’s job performance in Congress?) An astounding 88% of of them said, “¿Quién es Nancy Pelosi?”  (Who is Nancy Pelosi?) While only 10% had no opinion.  So it’s easy to see why Pelosi’s office is anxious to get these numbers out there. The 12 point drop in people who just don’t care is impressive.  Pelosi herself is very encouraged by the numbers and issued a statement just this morning to that effect, “Mis mexicanos compañeros, prometo a no deportarle si usted continúa no haciendo caso de mi mala dirección. Gracias.”  (My fellow Mexicans, I promise not to deport you if you continue to support my bad leadership.  Thank you)  Smiles all around for Congresswoman Pelosi.  Or as they say in California, “Déme toda su materia libre.” (Give me all your free stuff.)


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