What if…. We all drove cupcakes…?

My friend sent this link to me.  It’s in Neiman Marcus’ Christmas Book catalog, because as you can see, it serves absolutely no purpose other than to be an extravagantly useless gift.  But it got me thinking…. what if we did all drive cupcake cars?  Would we in fact be better off?  Hard to say, let’s examine this a little more.



1) Cupcakes are yummy to eat, and fuel efficient.

2) They run on a hugs.

3) No more parallel parking ever!

4) Road rage drastically reduced because who can stay mad at cupcake?

5) Can be serviced at your local bakery for a fraction of the cost.

6) Are Wonkernomically designed by Oompa Loompa’s.

7) If you break down in the Andes, you can eat your car instead of your passengers.

8 ) Might float in a flash flood.

Now for the Cons:

1) Old ladies with walkers will arrive at any destination before you do.

2) Cupcake cars are cute until there’s a wreck and then they’re a just one giant bloody cupcake mess, see:

images_messy cupcakes

3) Very good chance you will be eaten at some point:

image_man eating cupcake

4) They look stupid.

5) Four year old’s can steal your car…. and will.

6) As of yet, there is no “family size” cupcake car.  Although construction is underway for  a Zucchini Bread  SUV.  Here’s the engine:


7) The car goes bad after about a week.  Refrigeration does help but it will eventually dry the car out.

8 ) Car washes wreak havoc on the Cupcake.  It there’s a smudge best to just lick it off.

I’m not sure if I’d want to live in a world where all we drove were cupcake cars, but I do know this, that I wouldn’t want to live in a world without them.   It’s deep, think about it.


4 thoughts on “What if…. We all drove cupcakes…?

  1. If I trade in my CupCakeCar for something more fuel efficient, say like a PetitFoursCar would I get a rebate like the Cash4Clunkers program?

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