Shoeing the Homeless

Docs in Burlington VT are doing their part to help the homeless in the local area by giving them quality footwear.  Why shoes? Because “The mission of the national ‘Our Hearts to Your Soles’ program is to provide less fortunate people around the country with shoes and free foot exams with the belief that proper foot health is an essential part of everyday life.” Proper foot health is an essential part of everyday life…  What life, pray tell, is that?  The one not involving a job, or the one not involving a home?  Also, how about feeding them while your at it.  Because food is kind of an essential part of everyday life.  And maybe a coat too, cuz it’s VERMONT after all and probably freezing.  Being alive is also an essential part of everyday life.  Sheesh….  But seriously, that’s really a cool thing to do.  Good on you guys.


Taxing the Warfighter to pay for the War the Warfighter is fighting…..

Levin wants to tax the rich to pay for the war in Afghanistan.  Why, because the  “rich are greedy SOB’s that do nothing but bleed the working man dry, also they bothered to do something productive with their lives by generating wealth for others and they should be punished,  the bastards.”   Let’s look at who Levin considers rich, those making over $200k a year.  Well that’s junk.  Any of the hundreds of thousand higher ranking military personnel with working spouses filing jointly falls into that category.  I love the idea that our military should have to shoulder not only the burden of fighting and dying in the war, but paying for it as well.  Thanks Levin.

Depressed Women Just Need More Sex

So this flibanserin drug was originally designed to stave off depression in women, but it didn’t in fact do that, instead it did something way better, it significantly increased female friskiness.  Which consequently reduced depression (my assumption, because how could it not, but it hasn’t as of yet been  proven in any study).  This unexpected side effect is good news for women, a group that is twice as likely as men to be depressed.

Another interesting point made by Thorpe (a guy in the article)  is:

Lack of desire is the most common sexual problem in women aged 30 to 60, just as erectile dysfunction, for which Viagra is one of a choice of treatments, is the most common sexual disorder among men in the same age bracket, Thorp said.

“Men remain interested but can’t act or perform properly and women lose interest,” said Thorp.

“So where Viagra and other erectile dysfunction medications work in the blood supply, flibanserin works in the brain,” he said.

Did you get that last part?  It’s all in our heads ladies.  I know you could argue organic causes, and I’m not talking about organically based mental illnes but rather willful discontentment.  Show me a woman who is pissy and depressed and I’ll show you a woman who chose to be that way.  It begins with a choice then becomes a disease.  Much like alcohol.  I digress.  So cheer up ladies, help is on its way.

Good News For Women

The University of Leeds has quantified the age old dilemma of “How much skin should I show to get a man?” Well the answer is 40%.  I would have said less, only because I snagged my husband fully clothed from head to toe, but I’m unusually  hot so that right there would exclude me from the study.  Also, I’m not a scientist conducting a highly scientific study on drunk scantily clad women in a night club.  And how great is that for the geeky science guy who never dated in prep school?  70 hours of doing nothing but watching women get hot and sweaty on a dance floor.

I’m sure there are some women out there who will find fault with this kind of research.  Blather on and on about how women are more than objects to lust after, yada yada  yada.  How the objectification of women is destroying the moral fabric of our society.  Well to them say, it’s your own damn fault, you want all the freedom to behave like cats in heat and none of the consequence for having acted like a whore.  I’d add, maybe if you tried a little harder to look nice you too could land a man.  And then I would direct them to this study which, to date, is the best guideline for how to get a guy.

The Most Advanced Stupid People

I was driving to work one day when I realized my cell phone wasn’t accessible to me.  It was behind my seat buried underneath purse stuff.  Two things happened, anxiety and relief.  Anxious because heaven forbid what if I can’t be reached, and relieved because in point of fact, I don’t want to be reached.  Pretty much ever. But by then my mind had engaged and I began to wonder about what all this immediate access has done for us.  How has the ability to find answers at the speed of your processor impacted us as a culture?  My nanny can now reach me anywhere at anytime, that, as I see it, is a good thing, but so can everyone else, which is not a good thing.  Trivial Pursuit, a great game,  is now obsolete because no one needs to remember trivia.  They’ve got the internet, literally at their finger tips.  Quick test, see how long it takes you to find out what the most expensive sport in the world is.  It took me a little under a minute.  And yet, 15 years ago it took my mother and her team-mate 10 minutes of conferring back and forth to come up with the right answer.  Skill and risk in games are  made null and void by search engine optimization.  But more than that, we as a society have willed it so.  We no longer accept that there is one chance to get something right, no, there are numerous chances, multiple choices, audience help, a lifeline, ESP, and the Bene Gesserit.  All of which serve to give you the contestant, every opportunity to demonstrate you’re an idiot.  Where did we get so off base that games shows are no longer competition, Jeopardy excluded, but a social gathering where everyone is a winner, even the loser?  There is no shame.    But what is disturbing to me is what appears to be the indirect relationship between advances in technology and the collective IQ.  We are more advanced than we’ve ever been in the history of people, and yet, we are more stupid as a whole, with the exception of a select few of me.  This gets into the whole question of does instant gratification ruin the soul?  I argue that man, by his very nature and Design, was never meant to, and should never instantly gratify anything.  Mainly because once he does, his will is fractured and it becomes that much harder to exercise discipline the next time around.  Just look at the astounding rate of obesity in this country. Yes, I know, it’s glandular.

I’m leaving you with this extremely appropriate and funny clip from CK Louis. (click the link Youtube gives you, it should work)