Good News For Women

The University of Leeds has quantified the age old dilemma of “How much skin should I show to get a man?” Well the answer is 40%.  I would have said less, only because I snagged my husband fully clothed from head to toe, but I’m unusually  hot so that right there would exclude me from the study.  Also, I’m not a scientist conducting a highly scientific study on drunk scantily clad women in a night club.  And how great is that for the geeky science guy who never dated in prep school?  70 hours of doing nothing but watching women get hot and sweaty on a dance floor.

I’m sure there are some women out there who will find fault with this kind of research.  Blather on and on about how women are more than objects to lust after, yada yada  yada.  How the objectification of women is destroying the moral fabric of our society.  Well to them say, it’s your own damn fault, you want all the freedom to behave like cats in heat and none of the consequence for having acted like a whore.  I’d add, maybe if you tried a little harder to look nice you too could land a man.  And then I would direct them to this study which, to date, is the best guideline for how to get a guy.


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