Depressed Women Just Need More Sex

So this flibanserin drug was originally designed to stave off depression in women, but it didn’t in fact do that, instead it did something way better, it significantly increased female friskiness.  Which consequently reduced depression (my assumption, because how could it not, but it hasn’t as of yet been  proven in any study).  This unexpected side effect is good news for women, a group that is twice as likely as men to be depressed.

Another interesting point made by Thorpe (a guy in the article)  is:

Lack of desire is the most common sexual problem in women aged 30 to 60, just as erectile dysfunction, for which Viagra is one of a choice of treatments, is the most common sexual disorder among men in the same age bracket, Thorp said.

“Men remain interested but can’t act or perform properly and women lose interest,” said Thorp.

“So where Viagra and other erectile dysfunction medications work in the blood supply, flibanserin works in the brain,” he said.

Did you get that last part?  It’s all in our heads ladies.  I know you could argue organic causes, and I’m not talking about organically based mental illnes but rather willful discontentment.  Show me a woman who is pissy and depressed and I’ll show you a woman who chose to be that way.  It begins with a choice then becomes a disease.  Much like alcohol.  I digress.  So cheer up ladies, help is on its way.


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