Afghan Women Get Police Training

Afghani women now have an opportunity to serve on the force.  The new Afghan National Police Women’s Police Corps Training Center opened December 5.  Its end goal of 650 women (yes, the U.S. has given Afghanistan freedom and quotas) is expected to be reached in two years.  The U.S. training officers have been very positive about the experience and stated that there are no challenges to Afghani women being cops.  But that might just be an overstatement according to me.  As I have determined there some very definite challenges for these women and so I’ve come up some ideas for classes that might help….

How to apprehend a male suspect while being beaten by your husband for trying to touch a man.

How to run while wearing an entire bed set.

How to aim a gun looking through the cloth equivalent of  a screen door.

How to get another job because you can’t legally arrest a man and there are no female criminals in your country.

How to get your husband to drive you around on patrol.

Those are few, there are more of course.  In general though, I completely support this effort.  I support anything that empowers a once brutally suppressed female population out of bondage.  My only hope is that if enough women learn how to use a weapon, they might be brave enough to use them against their oppressors.  Yes, I did just advocate violence.


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