British Kids… Not a Lot to Say

The Drudge heading read “Children ‘reaching 3 without saying a word‘…” to which I said, “yes, I support that.” Come to find out it wasn’t a question but a survey recently conducted in the UK. Researchers found that some portion (yes the reported findings were that vague) of children are reaching the age of three without having said word one. Again, this is a problem? I’m not just being callus with my question, I have children, I know for a fact that once they start talking they never stop, ever…. ever. My observation aside, the British seem to think this is a problem. But not one cause by daycare apparently, because as they point out,

“Working parents who put their babies in day care are just as likely to have a child whose speech develops late as those who leave their baby in front of the television.”

I thought putting your child in front of a T.V. was daycare. Subtle distinctions aside, it is interesting to note that planting your kid in front of a T.V. for eight hours a day is only slightly more harmful than leaving them in daycare. So save your money, get a nanny cam, a flat screen and a bowl of Cheez Its and call it a day.


3 thoughts on “British Kids… Not a Lot to Say

  1. Sitting in front of a TV all day is perfect training for sitting in front of a computer monitor all day. Besides, why do you think they invented “sitting”, so you could eat at a table? Noooo, because I can sit in front of the TV and eat. TV Dinner anyone? Where else do you sit? Dentist, Nooooo. You lay down; which by the way also allows you to watch TV. Do you sit on a train? Yes, but trains have TVs, at least the Japanese trains do. But, before trains had TVs people had portable DVD players and/or iPhones to watch while sitting…the train was just convenient. I don’t know why elevators don’t have chairs because I’ve seen TVs in them. What about sitting on a plane…TV. In fact, the Wright brothers were trying to invent the TV when their experiment went horribly wrong and became airborne…luckily Orville was seated and did not get hurt. Now you know why the TVs are in the headrest of the airplane seat in front of you…Safety. One of you might say that people sit on roller coasters, merry-go-rounds, and people movers – – without watching TVs. Well, I say to you, “Why do you think these things were made to roller coast, go-round and move…BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T HAVE TVs!

    The last absurd comment one of you TV haters might try to disturb my sitting with is the juvenile argument about park benches. OK, explain pigeons. So instead of rewriting the history of “sitting”, go stand somewhere or sit down and shut-up so we can hear the TV.

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