The Majority of Kids Just Want Money and Junk, and They Think Obama Sucks

According to Time For Kids (a Time Magazine thing), the majority of kids really just want more money and stuff:

What Kids Wish For:

  • Health: 7%
  • Happiness: 7%
  • Travel: 6%
  • Fame: 5%
  • Long life: 5%
  • Money: 27%
  • Possessions: 15%
  • Better World: 8%
  • Other: 20%

And they’re not too happy with Obama either:

Obama’s Grades:

  • A: 19%
  • B: 30%
  • C: 24%
  • D: 10%
  • F: 16%

The publication also has a section of quotes from the kids surveyed, some of which were very insightful:

” My mom says Obama’s taking all her money and giving it Johnny’s mom so she can stay home drunk and not work…”  Tommy Reynolds, Grade 5

” I like people more than trees.”  Lyndsey Baker, Grade 4

” Maybe if stupid people stopped picking fights with awesome superpowers there wouldn’t be anymore wars…”  Bill Pedroni, Grade 6

” My mom said don’t drink Kool-Aid from the mainstream media. ” Lisa Garretty, Grade 5


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