$100,000 in Liquor and Pelosi’s Still Mean

Pelosi’s posse apparently racked up over $100k in liquor expenses for one trip aboard a USAF flight.   Which is an appalling waste of money, but more so when you consider it didn’t make Pelosi anymore fun.  All that booze did nothing to loosen up that rusted old bolt of a personality.  Don’t take my word for it, read what her staffers said:

” We all had a pretty good buzz on until someone mentioned health care and Madame Speaker tried to throw them out the emergency exit.  Yeah.. she’s pretty weak so  she couldn’t really open the door but then she broke a nail so we all had to listen to that for an hour….  We just drank to forget at that point…”  Anonymous

” She set me on fire while I was sleeping…” Anonymous

” When she drinks she gets really angry.. which is bad.. but if she doesn’t pass out in time.. she’ll get really depressed and that is way worse.  One time she cornered a staffer and started sharing her darkest secrets….  that dude tried to hang himself with dental floss in the lav….”  Anonymous

” Female staffers, as a rule, have to be less attractive than Madame Speaker, and that’s hard to do when she’s not drunk… but impossible after she’s had a few..  and been crying…”  Anonymous


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