Chavez Calls U.S. Stupid

Chavez called U.S. criticism of arms purchase from Russia “stupid,” according the NYT.  Some other terms he used to describe the U.S. were, “dumb heads” “dummies” “dumb” and “poopy pants.”  The administration responded to the stern drubbing by passing a note to a Chavez adviser stating, “meet by the flag pole at 3pm, if you’re not chicken!”  Unfortunately, the adviser was only marginally fluent in English and thought the note said,  ” at 3pm we flag pole your chicken.” At which point he frantically phoned home to make sure his wife saved his chicken.  The 3pm meeting was a bust.  No one showed up.  Chavez because he didn’t get the message, and Obama because he’s a flake.

On a related note, when asked why it was that the fearless leader of Venezuela can’t find better come backs, Chavez  said the question was dumb and the U.S. are a bunch of dummy poo-head dillholes.   The state run Venezulean press praised the attack and cited this new word combination of insults as evidence that Chavez is the smartest, greatest and best dressed leader ever.


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