Cows Furious as Humans Try to Hone In on Their Racket

It’s World Cup season again, for the rest of the world, and that of course means lots of ancillary acts of stupidity by mass amounts of people.  Generally speaking these moments of mayhem only annoy, injure, or kill those unfortunate individuals who happen to be standing near by.  However, a recent people stampede during an exhibition game in South Africa,  between Nigeria and North Korea,  has pissed off some local cows.  Cows,  normally a very docile and agreeable animal, seen here in this photo:

Are now hopping mad (see hopping mad cow photo below):

According to local dairy farmer, Albert Van Jurgenwooden, cows are very territorial about their behavior and they don’t like punk spectators pimping their thing.   When asked why he thought the cows get uppity about imitators, Van Jurgenwooden replied, “Well they know they don’t really do anything ‘cept stand and stare, so I guess they feel like stampeding is their thing ya know? Don’t want anyone takin’ it, especially not a group of yahoo World Cup fans. Oh and they hate  football. Wrecks the grass.”

Van Jurgenwooden’s sentiments are echoed in this collection of photos from a recent “Take Back the Cow Thing” rally.  Seen here are cow after cow of angry faces.

Video footage was taken at the rally.  Here a group of cows can heard strongly protesting what they see as a violation of a cow’s right to have their thing that no one else does, chiefly the stampede.

They’re mad as hell and they’re not gonna take it anymore….


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