NAACP Applauds Apple’s iPhone 4 Delay

The NAACP recently praised Apple for it’s decision to delay the launch of the white iPhone 4 until later this year.  According to Apple, the white iPhone gadget’s are proving more difficult to manufacture, thus the delay in it’s release to the public.  The black iPhones, however, seem to be unaffected.  Commenting on the decision, a spokesperson for the NAACP said, ” It is about time someone said what we all know is true.  That white does not mean better.  We applaud Apple for having the corporate courage to come out and call it like it is.”

Apple, who says the decision was a purely technical one, is pleased that the NAACP is able to find peace in the more esoteric elements of the decision.  Apple has always prided itself on it’s progressive, forward thinking attitude toward social norms.  The company has been a diversity trend setter for other Silicon Valley companies with their, “Bring your gay son or daughter to work day,” and gender neutral coffee.

A spokesperson for Apple said this about the recent praise, “We here at Apple are truly grateful to be part of  healing and reconciliation.  Apple is fully committed to a racially harmonized environment, which is why we have the Supplier Diversity Program.”  When asked about the racial demographics of the Apple Computer company itself, Apple answered, “That’s an excellent question.  Apple is really excited about  new white iPhone 4’s coming out  soon.  We have every confidence this phone will surpass consumer expectations.  You can pre-order by using the Pre-Order iPhone 4 app or at your nearest Apple Store.”

Not everyone is thrilled, however. When asked about the NAACP and Apple alliance, a Tea Party spokesperson responded, “That’s great. How about fixing my stupid antenna?”

In a related story Jesse Jackson has formed  a coalition of black black iPhone 4 users and Maya Angelou has is reportedly written a poem about it.