Things That Wouldn’t Happen if the Soviets Still Ran the Place….

The Russians have fallen to infighting over the most worthy of causes, the 20(something) Winter Olympic Mascot.  It’s all because officials can now have opinions about this kind of thing and not get shot.  Also, artists can now claim plagiarism and not get shot.  Now, I’m not advocating a return to the Soviet system, I’m not a commie, but if Gorbachev was still running things the mascots would be Hammer Boy and Sickle Girl riding on a crappy substandard Soviet Ballistic Missile aimed at the Evil United States of America, and everyone would be happy about it.  And then the U.S. would counter mascot with Reagan Riding one of our awesome Ground Based Interceptor just before it blows up Hammer Boy and Sickle Girl.  And then we would all convene in front of the TV to watch the ultimate in U.S./Soviet winter olympic rivalry, pairs figure skating.


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