Dalai Lama Resigns

Ok how is this even possible?  He can’t resign, he’s like a minor deity.  Small g gods can’t just up and quit.  Good time to ask what would Jesus do?  And He’s got the whole universe to run. Tell me that’s not a bitter disappointment what with Pluto being demoted and all the stupid people out there.  Besides, if The Golden Child is anything to go by, which it is, the Dali Lama has to die and be born again (not the Christian kind) get kidnapped by bad guys and rescued by Eddie Murphy.  But no where in that elaborate plot does he get to resign.  No he is one of a long line of Lama’s that are destined to rule the Tibetan exiles until death when another Lama replaces him.  Maybe he’s just tired.  He’s 75, got a neat hat collection, see below:

But I say too bad.  You’re the Dalai Lama.  You don’t get to quit.  What kind of example are you setting for an entire nation of exiles that have been fighting for independence for 52 years when you just up and decide one day, hey man, it’s too hard?!?  There is no quitting in deism.  The dictionary is very clear on that point.  (disclaimer: dictionary not very clear on that point)