Winner Dogs and Military Operations

Military operation names remind me a lot of championship dog names.  I don’t know how they come up with either but I’m pretty sure you could just as easily say  Grand Champion Odyssey Dawn and Operation Foxcliffe Hickory Wind and no one would know the difference.  Here’s a fun game, which one’s a military operation and which one’s a dog?

1.  El Dorado Canyon

2. Clussexx Last Lion

3. Twenty Twenty

4. Asparagus

5. Spontaneous Combustion

6. Fusaichi Pegasus

7. Nimble Archer

8. Torquay Midnight Confession

9.  Clearlake Hot Rod

10.  Lucky Alphonse

11. Vibe Energy


1. operation 2. dog 3. dog 4. operation 5. operation 6. horse  7. operation 8. dog  9. dog 10. operation 11. gum


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