3 Mile Island Vigil

To mark the solemn occasion of the 32 years since the 3 Mile Island nuclear power plant didn’t kill anyone, 30 or so people gathered to hold up signs to remind all of us that nuclear energy is really bad.  So to try and better understand why people hate nuclear energy so much, I have recreated an exchange between a vigil person and a reasonable human being.

Reasonable human being: Why are you holding a vigil?

Vigil person: Because we want people to never forget nuclear energy kills and destroys everything.

Reasonable human being: So how many people have died because of the 3 Mile Island thingy?

Vigil person:  YOU’RE A RACIST PUPPY HATER!!!!!!

I for one am happy to have the vigilators out there holding their signs that remind us no one has ever died as a result of 3 Mile Islands partial meltdown.  Keep up the good work vigil people!


One thought on “3 Mile Island Vigil

  1. Which reminds me, Nuclear power doesn’t kill people. Only racist, puppy-hating -conservatives who advocate nuclear power do.

    (this exempts the Great Obamone since he isn’t conservative. Although I’m quite sure I’ve caught unpleasant looks between he and Bo)

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