Awesome Idea…

The other day while I was organizing my thoughts, flicking food off my shirt and singing show tunes I was suddenly interrupted when the car in front of me stopped out of no where.  So annoying.  But it got me thinking.  If I had hit this Honda car, it would have crumpled like a something that crumples real easy.  It’s made to just give up and die in a car wreck.  Honda calls it’s cars crumpliness energy absorption.  I’m sure it’s saved lives so I won’t argue it.  However, it’s “energy absorption” would cost me a lot of money to fix.  And since I have better things to do while I’m driving than watch the road, I came up with a plan.  Cars should be made out of memory foam.  Let it sink in.  Memory foam is light weight, comfortable, you will never again spill your wine while driving, and you can hit all the cars you want without a scratch or injury.  Never again will you have to pay that much attention to driving.  Hit a deer, no problem, wait a few minutes and the deer shaped indentation will pop right out.  Neighborhood kids literally bounce off.  They’ll line up to get hit by your car.  It’s space age technology designed by aliens,  stolen by NASA and made to be super absorptive (10 points for super made up word).  There are almost no downsides to this idea except you can’t drive over 10 mph, car washes are tricky, and it will cause sleepiness.


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