Why So Blue?

After I stopped laughing, I thought, “No, illiteracy is serious.”  Because, as one parent so accurately stated on Urbanbaby.com, “It’s all fun and games until you realize your second-grader can’t read.”  So true.  You pay $32k a year for school, you expect something more than really super self-esteem.  Reading, for example, is kind of important.

My friend sent me the NY Post article about the Blue Man Group’s progressive charter school for rich illiterate kids.  For more hilarity on this, see The Gateway Pundit’s take.  Don’t get me wrong, children failing to meet even the minimum NYC public school standards is just sad.  One mom put it this way, you have to try hard to be worse than public schools.  But it doesn’t matter anyway, it’s not like Blue School students can read this, and I doubt they taught “irony” during reflection time.  It’s just such an abysmal commentary on the progressive ideal of childhood education.  Which is why The Sunshine Academy comes to mind.  I’d like to think these parents were slightly more aware than Lindsay and Tobias Funke, but maeby not.

Here’s the NYT’s description of the school: “From the beginning, the founders wanted to incorporate scientific research about childhood development into the classroom. Having rapidly grown to more than 200 students in preschool through third grade, the school has become a kind of national laboratory for integrating cognitive neuroscience and cutting-edge educational theory into curriculum, professional development and school design.”

Contrast that with Thomas Jefferson’s ideas about education.  That there is “a direct correlation between literacy, citizenship and successful self-government,” and, “With literacy came knowledge and discernment and with these came the means of safeguarding self-government and independence.” Because, “He saw literacy as a liberating and transforming force the equalizer for the masses and the essential mechanism necessary for human liberation.”

Yeah, I can see why no one pays any attention to Jefferson’s stupid ideas about education.  It’s way more fun to go to a school that has no books, or structure, or start time.  Also, science.  Progressive thinking is always right because they have scientifical facts supporting their ideas.  The problem then must be in the failure to communicate clearly to the children, that they really should be reading at this point, because expensive science says they should.  It’s not the school, it’s the stupid kids.


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